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The Rabbit & The Hat - EP001 - FIRST LIVE STREAM EVER

The Rabbit & The Hat – EP001 – FIRST LIVE STREAM EVER

August 20, 2016

This was my first shitty experience trying to twitch stream while producing some random shiz

Ramzi – Olympus Is Rising

May 16, 2016

The great people at Tribeca let us film this week’s #discoveringlocal Ep. 16 with Ramzi at their venue. We dropped

Rony Sarkis – Said and Done

May 11, 2016

Welcome Rony Sarkis for #‎discoveringlocal Ep.15. This week’s session was special in more ways than one. We ventured out to

Freddie Million – Middle Eastern Diaries

May 3, 2016

Here is a throwback for #‎discoveringlocal Ep. 14 with one of the most charismatic and relaxed individuals we have met,

Fractal Noise with Ratish and Bryan

April 23, 2016

Here is Fractal Noise, the new kids on the block. Well, technically. Ratish and Bryan are experienced musicians who recently

As Per Casper – Hit The Ground

April 13, 2016

#‎discoveringlocal Ep. 11 with one of our favorites As Per Casper. Carla, Moose and Zach performed their original, ‘Hit The

Chronicles of Khan – Flash Funk (#discoveringlocal Ep. 10)

April 9, 2016

This is #‎discoveringlocal Ep.10 with our partners and great friends Chronicles of Khan. These great men had a full acoustic

Josh Monteath – Untitled

April 2, 2016

Episode 09 of #‎discoveringlocal with our good friend Josh Monteath. This was a special session because we woke up before

Sherif El Moghazy – Handpan

March 31, 2016

This is #‎discoveringlocal Ep. 08 with the unique and amazing Sherif S. El Moghazy. He joined us for Food Truck

Jay Abo – City Lights

March 9, 2016

Coffee in the backyard….the smell of rain…and this tune playing… Jay Abo’s “City Lights” – The Sound Gaarden

IMBUE – Tengo (#discoveringlocal Ep. 07)

February 25, 2016

Welcome back to Ep. 07 of #discoveringlocal with the smooth IMBUE​. This Arabic jazz band will be playing at the

Carl and The Reda Mafia – A Better Place (Acoustic)

February 18, 2016

The amazing Carl and the Reda Mafia have the official launch of their album ‘What The?’ this Friday (Feb 19th)

Leoné Murphy – Chaos

February 15, 2016

Another artist I got to see live for the first time at the Quoz Art Fest, Leone Murphy with her

Vandalye – Don’t Lie To Me (Live at Quoz Arts Fest)

February 6, 2016

Had the great opportunity to shoot and watch Vandalye perform their original song, “Don’t Lie To Me” at the Quoz

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