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About Me

azarel-profileThere once lived a boy, who journeyed through the various stages of life convinced he had it all figured out…till one day a stone struck him in the head knocking him out cold…unconscious…

Every now and then, it’s nice to look backward into one’s past to see how both the big, and seemingly small events, have lined up neatly across time to make you into the person you are today. I have been more than fortunate and blessed with quite a few of these “events” that have brought me here…to the about me page of my own little corner of the internet.

But…Who am I?…I thought you’d never ask!

Most people know me as that guy who walks around everywhere talking to himself (singing to myself actually). But when I’m not outside taking in the fresh-ish air, I’m huddling in my lare in pursuit of using complex science and magic to create wondrous films and magical music…and sometimes I type in geeky web code to create geeky websites for geeky people.

When I’m feeling really geeky, I spend my excess energy teaching others about the mysteries behind…nothing in particular.¬†Whatever the mood though, I think it’s a damn shame if you let the moment slip by without making the most of it. But what do I know…I’m just another guy with another “about me” page…

Either way, if you fancy some cookies with your cup of curiosity, stick around and you might just eventually…someday…maybe…(probably not)…find out who that boy who got hit by the stone was.



-Azarel Fernandes


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